Insurance is the unending story of conversations. Our business relationships are shaped by every exchange. But if we speak the same language everything becomes more fluid, improving the flow of information and the strength of our relationships.
Web Connectivity Closer Connections for Business

Why invest in better relationships?

The history of insurance is the history of conversations between brokers, carriers and reinsurers. Our conversations define the business relationships we rely on, and the closer the relationship, the easier the conversation, and the better the business we do together.
Today we exchange more information than ever, and it must be correctly processed by everyone to be totally reliable.With so many different systems and individual processes, transferring information is often slow and unstructured––like a conversation you don’t quite understand, or only half remember.

Web Connectivity makes every conversation clearer

As the largest handler of commercial ACORD messages, we provide a scalable and secure way of integrating legacy systems through web-enabled gateways to make information flow more efficiently and reliably.

Using a common structured format we help you automate electronic data and document transfer between systems, making it more efficient and more available to the business.

The benefits in speed and accuracy are obvious, but more intriguing advantages exist in client service, compliance and financial management…

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