Insurance is the unending story of conversations. Our business relationships are shaped by every exchange. But if we speak the same language everything becomes more fluid, improving the flow of information and the strength of our relationships.

Web Connectivity. Closer Connections for Business.


Digital trading in the London market is a reality. Lloyd’s of London recently published Blueprint Two, which provides a practical path to digital trading in the insurance and reinsurance industry.


We have big news to share! Today, we announced that WCL has been acquired by Zywave. Zywave leads the insurtech industry, fueling business growth for its partners with cloud-based sales management, client delivery, content and analytics solutions.

James Willison, MD of WCL, talks to the Insurance Insider’s new title Insider Engage about what strategies he introduced to prioritise employee wellbeing during the COVID-19 lockdown.

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WCL’s Managing Director James Willison speaks to Reactions magazine for its Baden Baden digital newsletter. He outlines how WCL responded to the pandemic and the new working conditions, as well as the impact the COVID-19 crisis has had on how the market operates moving forward.

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There’s Nothing Smart About Being Casual Or, why ISO27001 is worth mentioning.

While standards and compliance might be a tedious subject, in a profession so reliant on trust, they are essential components for us all to operate effectively. Failure to observe them quickly makes business very interesting!

Graham Card, Senior Management Consultant at WCL, joins market experts in speaking about the latest trends in the insurance and reinsurance market in an article with Intelligent Insurer.

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Lockdown Leadership. Looking after employee mental wellbeing.

As WCL’s Managing Director, James Willison is aware of the unanticipated mental wellbeing implications that staff may experience from remote working.

James Willison, Managing Director of WCL, joined a virtual panel to discuss what the future holds for Lloyd’s of London after the trading floor reopened in September after a five-month shutdown due to the coronavirus crisis.

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V6—More Power, More Productivity

New performance enhancing features and a whole new look coming in next generation award-winning enabledAccounting software solution

From Video Interview To Signing A Contract By Email. Welcome to the world of lockdown recruitment.

Being in lockdown for months didn’t put a brake on WCL’s growth plans. When the company needed to recruit an Account Manager to help grow the business, there was only one way to do it – virtually.

James Willison @WCLwillison speaks to @reactionsnet on how the London #insurance market can address the challenge of a lack of standardised data.

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WCL’s new look and feel #enabledAccounting product is here .

This week WCL has been conducting training sessions and workshops with clients to communication the improvements and benefits of the new v6.0. #Ruschlikon #eaccounting #insurance #reinsurance

WCL’s dream team Graham Card, Senior Business Consultant, and Matt John, Project Manager SME, are at #TINtech in eager anticipation of a great day.

For a demo of WCL’s enabledAccounting system, visit stand 3 #Ruschlikon #eaccounting #insurance #reinsurance

Attending the @InsuranceInside #InsiderLondon conference today?

So is Tim Ellis, WCL’s Operations Director. WCL will be there to wave the #insurtech flag. #writeback #eaccounting #Ruschlikon #SDC #PPL #ECF

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