Eliminate Unallocated Cash

On September 27, 2016, we hosted a webinar to discuss how major brokers and insurers across the globe are improving settlement efficiency and eliminating unallocated cash in the US and global insurance market. If issues like unallocated cash are keeping you up at night, you should download the slides and listen to the webinar recording!

You can also learn more about EnabledAccounting to find out how you can eliminate unallocated cash.

Download the Slides

Download the webinar slides from “Is it really possible to eliminate unallocated cash?”.

View the Webinar Recording

View the webinar recording from “Is it really possible to eliminate unallocated cash?”.

How do I eliminate unallocated cash?

This webinar aimed to help attendees understand:

  • why increased complexity and regulation in the global (re)insurance market has emphasized the need for efficient management of contractual performance and cash flow between brokers and carriers.
  • how the use of proven technology, processes, and protocols has enabled brokers and (re)insurers to achieve significant improvements in the accounting and settlement process, including the elimination of unallocated cash.
  • what is happening in the US, following the success of e-Accounting elsewhere in the global insurance market.
  • the current US pilot with a global insurer and broker, and the work of a growing implementation community.
  • how you can obtain additional information and become involved.


  • Mary Haverhals, Senior Project Manager, Marsh & McClennan Companies
  • Greg Gaydos, Operational Strategy Executive, AIG
  • James Willison, Managing Director, Web Connectivity Ltd.
  • Graham Card, Senior Management Consultant, Web Connectivity Ltd.
  • Jeff Cohen, EVP, Global Business Development, Advisen (moderator)

Who Attended?

The following roles at (re)insurance companies and brokerages attended this webinar:

  • CFOs, Collections / Receivables Management (ACRM) Professionals, Financial Analysts
  • Cash Managers and Credit Control Managers
  • COOs and Operations Managers