People Behind The Tech With Pia Holler

Pia Holler joined WCL in March 2021, during the third lockdown in England, as UK Marketing Coordinator for both WCL and Zywave. Prior to joining WCL Pia worked as Travel Trade Marketing Executive at Canadian Affair. Welcome to the team Pia!

Name: Pia Holler
Job title: Marketing Coordinator International Markets

1. Can you tell us about your career journey so far?

Whilst I have always worked in marketing, the technology sector and insurance industry are new for me! After my studies, I began my career as a Marketing Account Manager for tourism board clients, responsible for their trade and consumer marketing activities across the German-speaking markets. I then moved to a pure B2B marketing focused role which gave me the opportunity to contribute to building the company’s trade marketing practices from the ground up. I have only recently joined Zywave and WCL as their UK Marketing Coordinator, and am grateful to have joined an industry and company with lots of opportunities for growth ahead!

2. What is an average day in the life of a Marketing Coordinator?

I wouldn’t say that there is an average day as such. My role being hybrid in nature, functioning across both the Zywave UK and WCL brands, speaks for itself – it brings new excitement and opportunities every day! Especially throughout these beginning stages of expanding the marketing efforts for both brands in the market and integrating them with sales strategies, requires a lot of communication between departments to identify and build synergies and the right strategies and processes. I am currently in the process of rolling out the marketing functions for both brands, identifying resources and establishing various marketing channels, ranging from email campaigns, webinars, social media, and collaborations for joint marketing campaigns with external partners. This requires a lot of multitasking and involvement across several marketing outlets, whether that’s from a strategic or creative perspective, as well as engaging with various internal and external partners and vendors on a daily basis. 

“Being new to the industry, I enjoy discovering and understanding processes and best practices that are unique to the insurance and technology sectors and how they can be approached from a marketing perspective.”

3. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?

One of the things I most enjoy about my role is how multifaceted it is. No two days are the same as I’m involved in the whole marketing mix, ranging from drafting content for social media, setting up webinars and email campaigns, coordinating with external partners, or analysing marketing metrics. I enjoy having an impact on each brand through rolling out the marketing channels and being able to see how the sales and marketing functions are slowly becoming integrated with one another. I am overseeing and actively involved in several different marketing channels which all require its own distinct resources and MarTech platforms, so there are continuously new things to learn. Being new to the industry, I enjoy discovering and understanding processes and best practices that are unique to the insurance and technology sectors and how they can be approached from a marketing perspective. And in this regard especially, I am very happy to be surrounded by co-workers that have such vast experience and knowledge within these fields of expertise to learn from every day.

4. Which areas for developing technology do you see as the most important for your business and industry?

Being new to the business I am at the beginning stages of growing my knowledge and understanding of the (emerging) technologies within the industry and I am curious to learn more about these in the next months. However, what I have come across during my few weeks here are APIs and how they remain =they are for the WCL business and the wider insurance ecosystem, as well as the emergence of low code as an approach to application programming and automating processes for insurance companies.

5. What is your proudest moment in work or your greatest achievement in your career and why?

I am grateful for the opportunities that I have had throughout my career so far. Previously having been able to establish and develop the B2B marketing activities for a company has been an invaluable learning experience that has added to both my strategic and creative marketing skillset, and that I am especially happy to now be able to apply in my new role with Zywave and WCL. Besides that, I am proud to now have taken the step to explore an industry that is completely new to me.

6. Following the acquisition by Zywave what are you most excited about / opportunities to explore.

It is certainly a very exciting time to join Zywave and WCL! Particularly speaking from a marketing perspective there are many opportunities to be explored resulting from the acquisition. Both companies can mutually benefit from each other’s resources to build even stronger brands in the market. The expansion of the UK marketing function as a result of Zywave’s growth in the UK through the acquisition of WCL allows us to put a more targeted focus on growing our marketing efforts, and therefore to strategically increase sales for both businesses in the UK. I am very excited to soon be able to witness myself how these new efforts will have an impact on the business, and from there to continue to pivot our efforts to grow a successful marketing function.

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