People Behind The Tech With Matt Snape

In WCL’s ‘People behind the tech’ series, we’d like to introduce the newest member of the team, Matt Snape, who joined in March 2021. In Matt’s first role in the insurance industry, he worked with the founder of WCL Andrew Cassels – little did he know that nearly 20 years later he would be working for the organisation as head of business development.

Name: Matt Snape
Job title: Head of Business Development

1. Can you tell us about your career journey so far?

I have worked in a business development capacity all my career within the technology industry, after completing my computing degree at Newcastle University.

I have been fortunate to have been part of the technology evolution from the early days of the PC, for those who remember the Amstrad PC and the mainframe, through to where we are today. This has provided a wealth of knowledge and experience associated with focusing on the business outcomes an organisation is looking to realise from any IT spend.

Most of my career has been in the insurance industry, working for large global providers as well as the smaller SME’s; covering most verticals within the industry from general insurance through to the London Market; providing technology solutions for brokers, insurers and reinsurers.
In my first role in the insurance market, I worked with the founder of WCL; little did I know that some two decades later I would be working for the organisation as head of business development, leveraging off the success they have realised over time as being recognised as a driving force in the implementation of ACORD industry standards into the global re/insurance market.

Now, under the ownership of US technology firm Zywave, WCL is about to enter its next stage of evolution as a technology company.

2. What is an average day in the life of a Head of Business Development?

As head of business development my role is focused on growing new client opportunities as well as extending the relationships with the existing client base; ensuring we keep our customers aware of the additional benefits we have in the portfolio and our future strategic roadmap.

Working closely with my colleagues in development, support, client services and marketing ensures we work as a team to keeping the ever-growing client base happy!

The acquisition of WCL by Zywave is something which made it easy for me to make the decision to join the business, as this provides the catalyst to expand the solutions and capabilities and be a true global provider to the insurance marketplace

“WCL’s mission as a company has always been to speed up the adoption of new technology to support improved business processes in the industry in order to fully embrace digital trading.”

3. What do you enjoy most about your job and why?

Every day can be different, which is probably why I enjoy the job, working with colleagues in client engagements, managing client expectations, looking at how we best market our capabilities and winning new clients; all adds up to adding value and making a difference.

Remote working has, like all organisations, proved to be challenging but has worked very well for client engagement; and hopefully we are now moving back to the value of the face-to-face element.

4. Which areas for developing technology do you see as the most important for your business and industry?

Feedback from client engagements and the market in general; along with the enforced remote working over the past 12 months, has made it easier for the insurance market to understand the real benefits associated with digital trading.

The ability to utilise technology to improve distribution capabilities, rating & pricing, operational efficiencies and of course access to data; all adds up to “connectivity” and how the carriers and brokers maximise this to realising real business outcomes.

The use therefore of API’s to ‘move’ data between organisations and platforms will be key to realising a tangible digital strategy in 2021 and beyond.

WCL’s mission as a company has always been to speed up the adoption of new technology to support improved business processes in the industry in order to fully embrace digital trading.

5. What is your proudest moment in work or your greatest achievement in your career and why?

Probably successfully bringing to market the first technology platform known as Insurer Hosted Pricing, providing the insurer the ability to release their rates to the brokers in days rather than weeks; something in the intermediated personal lines market the carrier had to rely on the broker software houses updating their platforms for the brokers to then access rates. Doing anything first in a market is a challenge and, in this case, required a significant element of trust and cooperation between all parties.

6. Following the acquisition by Zywave what are you most excited about / opportunities to explore.

Zywave are a leading technology provider in the US and in the UK, which allows WCL to expand and accelerate growth in providing complimentary services and solutions in the insurance markets globally.

By leveraging the Zywave footprint WCL can now look to grow and scales in the US, therefore providing the opportunity to service insurance organisations as a global partner.  

WCL will also support Zywave in growing its carrier client base in the UK and beyond.

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