Connecting the business

WCL is a technology business—and today, technology and business are inseparable.

That is as true of the customer facing side as it is for the less glamorous, but no less vital arena of back-end processing.

Focused primarily on those systems that support business operations, we use technology creatively to provide solutions to insurance industry challenges.

Change for the better

While we are a technically minded company, we are fully business orientated—intent of helping you get the benefits of technology driven change.

An important part of our service is in helping you implement changes. We create solutions around your commercial and operational needs—deploying technology products and services that deliver immediate and lasting benefits.

But our solutions imply changes in how you work—they have a bigger influence than in the IT department, and a greater impact than the bottom line. 

Improving the flow of business

As a herald of business change, adopting WCL technologies does more than facilitate efficient business, it is integral to how you perform certain core functions.

For those used to a level of ‘acceptable delay’ in their business processes, dealing in real time can present a challenge.

Building support in the business for change and for new ways of working is a key part of our approach, helping you get the full benefit of new technology in your business operations.


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