Graham Card

Senior Management Consultant

Graham is an experienced and committed Insurance professional with over 30yrs leadership experience in the Broker IBA function.
He has successfully undertaken a wide-range of operational, project Management and Executive Leadership roles.
Graham has led both tactical and strategic business initiatives, contributing to the ‘big picture’ whilst also maintaining a clear understanding of the detail.
In recent years he has provided significant leadership in the global roll-out of e-Accounting.

Nash Rahman

Consultant Business Analyst

Nash has 20 years of experience working in the software and insurance industry for major insurers and reinsurers, including Munich Re, ACE, Chubb insurance, Brit insurance and Zurich Re.
He has held various roles ranging from senior business analyst to project manager.
Nash utilizes his extensive experience within the insurance industry to facilitate business solutions including electronic messaging.
Nash’s main area of focus is aroundaccounting and settlements.