Systems Integration

The big benefit of data is that it can be used and re-used, offering wide opportunities to improve processes, to increase transparency and to provide insights that inform the business.

We’re always looking for ways to improve processes and maximise their efficiency to the benefit of clients through data integration—from automating otherwise manual processes to finding ways to use advanced techniques in machine learning and AI to generate greater value from the data the organisation creates.

Providing a pathway to automation

Companies are increasingly looking to capitalise on machine learning and artificial intelligence to enable automation in time-consuming manual operations. In the case of enabledAccounting, integration can enable the comparison aspects of reconciliation to be undertaken automatically and rules to be established that allow a tolerance for any difference. 

Automation can extend beyond reconciliation reaching into workflow tools. In claims, where claim and  exposure management can be significantly improved, and with other accounting functions such as cash allocation and matching where there are opportunities for improvements in cash-flow forecasting and bank statement and general ledger processing.

Data Transformation simplifies communication

Data standards help to streamline communication among network partners and make it easier for disparate systems to talk to each other using a common language. 

When information needs to be translated for different parties to converse, WCL provides the transformation and mapping solution to integrate this with ease.

Finding ways to help for every client

To achieve the goal of automation of as much as possible in electronic accounting processes we work with you to understand associated processes to ensure that you use the most appropriate fields in the data stream and ensure drive maximum benefit out of the information available. 

We assess the set up and plan the steps for the transformation journey.  Working with business partners and IT services, WCL uses the best practices developed over many successful client implementations and integrations.

As partners with the most commonly used technology service providers, WCL can quickly reuse adapters to accelerate the implementation.  From legacy to modernized policy and claims administration systems, WCL provides APIs to consume and interact with the data and the client services. Not only do we help you understand the parameters for communication, but we provide the business logic guidance to attribute for data processing. 


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