Technical Development

Not all processes in the insurance industry are generic and subject to standards or able to adopt common protocols.

There are many more that are either bespoke to the ways companies operate, or are smaller but no less significant sub-processes needing individual solutions or applications of their own.

Many of our technology applications were developed in response to client need or request, and later made available to others through our industry solutions. 

In addition to direct, client-led development we maintain our industry leadership position through continuous investment in technical development projects.

Binders — a case study in development excellence

During a client implementation of enabledAccounting it became apparent that processing and reconciling binders was a particular issue. While it should be a profitable source of business for carriers, it transpired that the supporting bordereaux were commonly delivered as paper/PDF documents, which could only be processed manually. 

WCL designed a revised process based on capturing all attachment info as data, then facilitated a collaboration between the client and its key broker who agreed to refine their end of the process and provide a spreadsheet bordereau which could be transformed into XML format. 

The result was a radical improvement in binder business processing with automatic reconciliation using integrated and automated ACORD message processing. For that work we won an award and are now collaborating with another service provider, with more depth to their transform capabilities, to increase the scope of our solution.

Migrating to a Hosted Solution

To improve efficiency and ensure you are always using the latest technology, WCL provides a cost effective hosted solution.  

We make the transition from an in-house setup to our hosted setup smooth including migrating historical data.  

Rest assured, WCL provides exceptional support that proactively monitors your configurations and data to ensure the electronic message processing is handled to the highest standards. 

Our practices are ISO 27001 certified and the infrastructure is highly secured and elastic to scale to your demand.  

Blockchain compatibility

Although not specifically a Blockchain development house, we have developed the APIs required for interaction with the technology. There are increasing opportunities for using Blockchain in our industry and we believe that at some point soon it will become a viable technology for insurance processing.


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