EnabledAccounting software enables carriers and brokers to create, send, and receive, review, and respond to ACORD standard Technical Account (TA), Financial Account (FA) and Claim Movement (CM) messages using the EnabledB2B Gateway. A variety of integration methods allow for rapid deployment, from basic spreadsheet uploads to full integration into your back-end systems. There is an EnabledAccounting solution for those who need to send and/or receive ACORD messages.

EnabledAccounting Benefits

  • Reduction or removal of unallocated cash
  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Secure/rapid delivery and acceptance of closings and statements
  • Early sight of queries ensuring settlement of payable items are not delayed
  • Fully integrated solution means straight-through-processing for all non-exception transactions
  • Accounting team can focus on credit control and query resolution
  • Faster premium and claim settlement
  • Improved audit trail, control environment and transparency
  • Improved controls, supporting Solvency II and Cass 5 requirements
  • Direct support to delivering quality client service

Manage Technical Account Messages

  • Report transactions by processing status
  • Review each individual accounting entry
  • Submit and review acknowledgement messages

Settlement Agreement Facilities

  • Review the agreed Technical Account entries within a Financial Account message
  • Accept or reject each line item in the Financial Account message
  • Create acknowledgement messages

Claim Movement Messages

  • Timely management of the most current claims information available, including advices and reserve changes

Is it really possible to eliminate unallocated cash?

On September 27, 2016, we hosted a webinar to discuss how major brokers and insurers across the globe are improving settlement efficiency and eliminating unallocated cash in the US and global insurance market. If issues like unallocated cash are keeping you up at night, you should download the slides and listen to the webinar recording!

Download the Slides

Download the webinar slides from “Is it really possible to eliminate unallocated cash?”.

View the Webinar Recording

View the webinar recording from “Is it really possible to eliminate unallocated cash?”.