enabledMGA is a software product that allows Coverholders and Managing General Agents, many of whom are involved in the “Project Tomorrow” initiative, to send risk bordereaux in a XML data format to be available for consumption by underwriting systems, Coverholder systems or Data warehouses.

The enabledB2B Gateway can be configured to accept XML risk bordereaux that can then be used by receivers in two ways:

  • Direct consumption by the receivers systems utilising Web services as the integration method; and
  • The risk bordereaux data can be transformed by the Gateway to be made compatible to receiver systems.


enabledMGA Benefits

  • Data can be sourced from web services, spreadsheet or user interface
  • Handles multiple types of sources, risk based bordereau, endorsements and cancellation of cover
  • Information can be sourced from cover holder or managing agency
  • The structured data can be sent to broker or carrier
  • The received data can be used to populate Underwriting system, cover holder system, binding system


The enabledMGA Tool is currently under development
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