Ruschlikon Lite

Ruschlikon Lite is an online submission portal that takes non-standard accounts from ceding companies and converts them to ACORD standard Technical Account messages, allowing (re) insurers to use their existing messaging gateways to load these into their internal systems automatically. In November 2013 Ruschlikon Lite was recognised as a “most compelling case study” at the ACORD Implementation Forum awards event in Boston.

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Ruschlikon Lite Benefits

  • Allows a sender of data to simply produce tech accounts
  • Provide structured data to a receiver without any major technical changes
  • Considerable cost reduction to the sender
  • No technological impact
  • No ACORD knowledge required
  • Reinsurer is receiving TA as opposed to data that needs to be manually processed. Cost reduction because TA’s can be processed automatically
  • Removes responsibility of creating TA’s from the sender (Cedent)
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