For MGAs/Coverholders

Send your technical account data to insurers in a fast and efficient way

Benefits for MGAs & Coverholders

  • Cost savings
  • Reduction of operational staff – keyed in by broker and keyed in by underwriters, single keying of data
  • Structured data instead of spreadsheet
  • Extensive reporting – Dependent on bordereau
  • Measure potential risk exposure e.g. property structure, max sums insured
  • Help with regulatory reporting requirements
  • Real-time data
  • Potential to link to accounting and claims
  • Enabling different data types such as risk based bordereaus, endorsement and cancellations of cover

WCL Solution for MGAs & Coverholders

enabledMGA is a software product that allows Coverholders and MGAs, many of whom are involved in the “Project Tomorrow” initiative, to send risk bordereaux in a XML data format to be available for consumption by underwriting systems, Coverholder systems or Data warehouses.


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