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Business is easier when we talk the same language

Faster reconciliation, and premium and claims payments

WCL’s Broker Portal speeds up premium and claim settlements with (Re)Insurers, streamlining business and enhancing cash flow.

Importantly our Portal enables Brokers who have already implemented e-accounting with a number of carriers to apply the e-accounting process to all their carriers, regardless of the ACORD capability of carriers

By simplifying the communications process, it improves on existing reconciliation processes —conventionally done through a mix of paper and email — and accelerates the agreement of claim and premium transactions, leading to speedier settlement and greater accuracy in financial reporting. 

By directing instructions and queries through a common portal, WCL helps to increase the efficiency of your financial processing

Accessed through WCL’s enabledAccounting platform

The Broker Portal implements a common, message-based process for communications with all your insurers and reinsurers.

Using both Technical Account (TA) messaging and Financial Account (FA) messaging the Portal provides an intuitive experience for (Re)insurers through an online UI.

Simpler, and more transparent

The Broker Portal does away with old paper and email delivery of statements, creating instead a much more flexible electronic message-based process to share critical information with (Re)Insurers.

It makes it easier for your IBA team to provide transactional data and documentation, increasing transparency and improving audit functions.

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