Simplifying and automating insurance communications

The industry has invested in a standard format for insurance messages—it makes sense to use it.

The ACORD industry sponsored message standard sets the format for electronic communications between trading parties in the insurance industry.

It makes it possible to transfer information in a standardised way that is not only scalable, but can be automated, leading to greater accuracy, efficiency and speed.

Transforming processes through simplified communications

WCL’s enabledB2BGateway is an established software platform for sending and receiving messages using the industry’s ACORD standard formats.

As a software gateway it exists either on premises or SaaS, and in either implementation offers secure, and efficient message handling to support placing and accounting processes.

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Seamless communications through web-based UI

The gateway transfers data from messages to and from a business-specific message interface, in accordance with industry data standards.

Simplifying administrative processes

From a user’s point of view, the message system is as easy to use as email, but offers a much richer experience and ensures that information is exchanged in a structured way, enabling automation.

WCL software and services transform insurance processes

By automating often manual processes, our software makes information more reliable, processes more efficient and everyone’s lives easier.

It ensures you are always exchanging standardised information between parties leading to faster settlements and lower costs.

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