Insurance Solutions

WCL technologies and services enable carriers to improve business processes, streamline operations, increase transparency, and boost the speed of business.


An attractive, out-of the-box solution, WCL’s enabledAccounting makes it possible to do away with manual processes and quickly gain the benefits of electronic accounting processes.


WCL developed enabledPlacing as a common interface for placing risk, enabling brokers and carriers to exchange electronic placing and endorsement messages reliably, using any message or document standard or API.


Supporting brokers and carriers using the London market Write-Back and Electronic Claims Files (ECF) solutions.


Simplifying business by enabling data to be restructured to suit the needs of transacting parties. Automatically transform and map to a target data format without any need for major technical change.

Insurance solutions

WCL technologies and services enable carriers to improve business processes, streamline operations, increase transparency, and boost the speed of business.

enabledAccounting solves intractable business issues at a stroke, eliminating unallocated cash and reducing operational costs through streamlined processing. A range of integrated solutions speed up premium and claim settlements, improve the audit trail and reduce or remove unmatched cash improving transparency and control.

Through its intuitive interface it gives access to a range of related solutions to support cash allocation, co-insurance, outward reinsurance, intra-group accounting, integration with bank accounts and binder reconciliation.

Additional solutions create new opportunities for streamlining the process of placing risk (enabledPlacing), supporting London market Write-Back for claims processing (enabledClaims), and simplifying information exchange by translating document and message formats between parties (enabledTransform).

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The world’s largest insurers are using WCL solutions


Since 2003, WCL has enabled insurers to embrace new ways of working to improve their business.

With a range of software solutions, our deep understanding of the needs of the industry and our technical implementation capabilities we have helped improve the way the insurance market operates for all its participants.

While we champion industry standards we also set new standards in performance, enabling swifter business and streamlined processes. Our solutions offer a convenient and low risk way to enter electronic accounting and settlement, placing and claims. They also constitute a step on the road to automation, saving valuable resources which can be redeployed elsewhere in the business.

Although much of our work is focused on back-end systems, it has boardroom appeal. Aside from the obvious time and cost saving benefits, there are also important regulatory and compliance advantages to adopting our systems.

Far more than software providers…

We guide your business on a digital transformation journey

When working with you, we share our expertise in business process change, technology implementation, and systems integration. That implies taking the time to fully understand your environment and the background to existing processes first—but it also means being prepared to challenge established ideas too.

Whether your objective is to streamlining data flows or increasing automation with straight through processing, we use our knowledge and experience to leverage efficiencies, reduce administrative costs and extract enhanced data insights—providing clear demonstrations of the reason for change, the vision, and the path to get there.

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