Many of the process challenges of insurance, reinsurance and broking business can be solved with technology applications. Through its industry solutions for accounting and settlement, claims, placing and data transformation, WCL provides access to a range of generic and specific applications that make business easier for everyone.


An industry initiative made easy.

The Ruschlikon Initiative is a global (re)insurance industry project focusing on improving back office processes for technical accounting, claims and settlement. 

Ruschlikon Lite

Digitalize your manual data to standards with ease.

The Ruschlikon Initiative is a global (re)insurance industry project focusing on improving back office processes for technical accounting, claims and settlement. 

Broker Portal

Faster reconciliation, and premium and claims transactions.

WCL’s Broker Portal speeds up premium and claim settlements with (Re)Insurers, streamlining business and enhancing cash flow.


Supporting DXC with ACORD translation.

DXC’s ACORD4ALL service provides its customers with a quick and easy way to convert non-ACORD format data to ACORD format for delivery.


Speeding up claims with standardised messaging.

WCL’s claims solution provides access to London Market Write-Back, which improves performance with real-time messaging, improved workflow and creates a simpler claims lifecycle.

Broker Messaging

Structured data messaging streamlines processes for brokers and their trading partners.

At the heart of a broker’s role is the obligation to share risk and transactional information relative to placing, claims and accounting with (re)insurers with accuracy and speed.


Making placing more consistent.

WCL’s enabledPlacing solution provides support for Lloyd’s Structured Data Capture (SDC) service, enabling you to streamline risk placement.


Simpler interaction with leading systems.

WCL’s enabledPlacing solution readily interacts with the London Market electronic placing platform (PPL).

Whitespace Integration

Simplifying handling of global placement messages.

Working with Whitespace WCL can now propagate Global Placement Messages (GPM) from Whitespace directly to clients’ Policy Admin or other downstream systems.


A single point of engagement with the London Market’s Placing capabilities.

WCL’s enabledPlacing software gives you a straightforward and unified point of access to all the London Market’s data based placing systems.


Streamlines London Market accounting.

A core capability within WCL’s enabledTransform solution, eSP streamlines London Market transactions.


Co-insurance transactions can benefit from eAccounting tools.

With several transacting parties in a co-insurance arrangement, complexity often creeps in where clarity should prevail.

Outward Reinsurance

Automation relies on reliable and readable information.

Reinsurers who cede risks under retrocession agreements to other reinsurers are increasingly expected to provide details of the reinsurance in a common digital format.

Cash Management

Splitting the e-Accounting atom.

The settlement details provided by banks, as a statement or electronic record, generally lack any reference to transactions, so reconciliation must be done manually. 

Intra-group Accounting

Group transactions ought to be easy.

Global organisations in the (Re)Insurance sector often find moving monies between multiple trading entities to be at least as difficult as accounting with other external trading partners. 

Binder Reconciliation

Binders should be a bonus, except what you save in underwriting you could lose on accounting.

Attractive to brokers and carriers alike, they offer fast start up capabilities, low underwriting costs and processing efficiencies—by enabling brokers to report on business in bulk—binders conceal a wealth of awkward details.

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