A single point of engagement with the London Market’s Placing capabilities

One interface to online placing

WCL’s enabledPlacing software gives you a straightforward and unified point of access to all the London Market’s data based placing systems.

It integrates with the SDC portal and with your back end systems, it simplifies access to risks held in Whitespace, and it can handle PPL messages.

And all functionality is accessible through its feature rich interface.

Structured Data Capture (SDC)

enabledPlacing and the enabled B2B Gateway integrate with the SDC Portal and with your systems (including Policy Admin Systems) via APIs. 

Its API integration is available for initial submissions and handling SDC responses.

Through the user friendly enabledPlacing interface, SDC data can be viewed in a variety of formats. If you need to export it or review data outside the UI you can save it in MS Excel format.

In addition to handling data movements, the software includes a number of built-in reports which save time and effort and standardise data presentation, out of the box.

It is fully integrated with Lloyd’s Brussels SDC requirements and offers full error handling, including error emails.





WCL’s enabledPlacing uses APIs to provide Whitespace integration. Highly configurable, the software makes it possible to retrieve risks from Whitespace at different statuses and frequencies.

Both ACORD standard GPMs and associated documentation are subsequently delivered to the customer via their existing message gateway, with further, downstream integration to your systems possible via the WCL API suite.

A dashboard provides a view of the Whitespace to Gateway message flow.

enabledPlacing UI support for Whitespace messaging is in the roadmap for late 2020.


WCL’s enabledPlacing is able to accept and respond to PPL the most commonly used messages.

It currently supports document and data submission to PPL and receiving Signed Line Advices (SLAs) and endorsements messages sent to the carrier by PPL.
As integration with the PPL develops for other message types, WCL will provide integration routes to internal systems


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