Intra-group Accounting

Simplifying processes around the table

Group transactions ought to be easy

Global organisations in the (Re)Insurance sector often find moving monies between their multiple trading entities to be at least as difficult as accounting with other external trading partners. 

In some cases it can be even less efficient than dealing with outsiders.

Different processing and accounting systems make intra-group reconciliation processes complex and difficult to control. Timely movement of monies is often frustrated by misaligned procedures and controls.

enabledAccounting for intra-group reconciliation

Intra-Group accounting is easier with the Sender and Receiver capabilities of enabledAccounting to support transactional reconciliation and settlement across group entities. 

Using this approach, enhanced multi-reference matching is possible, reconciliation and settlement performance reporting simpler. 

You can better manage the timing and capital requirements of Intra-Group settlements as well as neatly integrating with other WCL solutions.

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