Simplifying back office processes with an intuitive front-end

An industry initiative made easy

The Ruschlikon Initiative is a global (re)insurance industry project focusing on improving back office processes for technical accounting, claims and settlement. 

To meet the challenge set by Ruschlikon, WCL developed enabledAccounting. Although it has many more capabilities, at its core it is designed for Global Insurers and Reinsurers undertaking Ruschlikon e-Accounting processing with their Broker partners.

Simpler processing for all parties

enabledAccounting makes it possible to automate manual, paper-based accounting processes, and ensures a secure and auditable method of exchanging critical accounting and settlement information. 

Insurers and Reinsurers can view and manage all aspects of the accounting and settlement process including queries raised with their premium and claim processing teams. 

An intuitive interface gives access to everything

enabledAccounting users can search, review and process Technical Account (TA), Financial Account (FA) and Claim Movement (CM) messages by applying multiple criteria including date, broker, client and policy number. 

A choice of processing options add flexibility and the opportunity to maintain close control of financials ensures you derive all the benefits of eAccounting while also aligning the Ruschlikon process with your current operations. 

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