Insurance Solutions

Supporting brokers and carriers using the London Market Write-Back and Electronic Claims Files systems.


The WCL Write-Back offering is available as an additional module within the enabledB2B Gateway.

Write-Back offers ground-breaking functionality that enabling  Lloyd’s managing agents’ IT systems to interact fully with the market’s central claims systems, including ECF2.


Technology-led claims functionality was first introduced in late 2015. It made it possible for London Market Insurers to interact fully with the market’s central claims system.

As a data-driven service, it allows Carriers to operate within their own systems, without relying on central systems provided by Xchanging.

Registered Carriers can see data and documents currently available in ECF and the IMR through their own systems.

Five years on, Write-Back handles more than 1.5 million claims messages per month.

The WCL solution supports all Write-Back interactions. 
Get notifications from the central claims systems, retrieve claim transaction data, and respond to a claim update. 
A dashboard lets you monitor transactions and, where required, resubmit or delete. 
You can also search, and upload and download  documents from the Market’s  Document Repository (IMR).

Insurance Solutions

enabledClaims opens up more opportunities to interact with trading partners and industry systems.

The links below provide more information about current applications and integration possibilities.

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