enabled Transform

Translating data formats enables automation between transacting parties

At its simplest, enabledTransform is a conversion utility, taking information in one format and converting it to another so that it may be processed by people or by machines.

Its most common use currently is in mapping data into ACORD standard XML files to enable automatic TA processing.

Accurate formatting benefits all parties in the transaction

enabledTransform simplifies business by enabling data to be restructured to suit the needs of transacting parties. Automatically transform and map to a target data format without any need for major technical change.

No knowledge of ACORD standard formats is necessary on the part of the sending cedents, and no manual processing of non-standard format information is needed by the receiving insurer or reinsurer.

Try asking Google to translate between Finnish and Greek, and then into Hindi

Using the enabledB2B Gateway, it is possible to use the output of one transformation as the input for another so that, if necessary, multiple transformations can be carried out in sequence. 

In such a situation you might take data from a spreadsheet in CSV and through two conversions turn it into ACORD format  ready for onward processing by another party.

enabledTransform in action – Enabling Ruschlikon in the reinsurance community

Using enabledTransform, reinsurers are able to receive cedent data in ACORD Technical Account format. 

Ruschlikon Lite, an online submission portal commissioned by Ruschlikon members, takes non-standard accounts from ceding companies and converts them to ACORD standard Technical Account messages.

The transformation means they can use their existing messaging gateways to load and process the TA information automatically, without the need for process change or any need to impose technology changes on the ceding company.

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