Solutions for Other Service Providers

WCL’s enabledPlacing is a common interface for placing risk, enabling brokers and carriers to exchange electronic placing and endorsement messages reliably, using any message or document standard or API.

There are many systems for placing risk, but no common interface.

Seamless translation between the document and message formats created by different systems is the forgotten component in the e-placing machine.

Simplifying communications creates more opportunities

enabledPlacing works with your existing underwriting systems making it possible to more easily issue quotations and orders on direct and subscription business.

It is capable of handling all kinds of placements from straight forward facility business to highly complex, multi-section, specialty and reinsurance risks.

An essential part of your electronic systems

The system adds value to your IT investment by increasing efficiency of existing underwriting systems. Improvements in data quality that arise from consistent message exchanges reduce the likelihood of placing disputes through inaccuracy.

WCL’s enabledPlacing readily integrates with SDC, Whitespace and other placing platforms, making it more than capable of supporting the breadth of London Market transactions.

Available as either a hosted or in-house solution, enabledPlacing provides a single solution for all electronic placement messages, regardless of the technology solution used by the broker.

Integration options add value for brokers and carriers

Options for integrating broker systems include extracting data to populate enabledPlacing automatically, removing the need for manual data entry.

For carriers, enabledPlacing can be integrated with MS Active Directory to offer a single sign-on for underwriters. A familiar in-box display, allows them to easily respond to broker messages, whether received direct or via PPL.

Solutions for Other Service Providers

enabledPlacing is the interface to a variety of applications that improve communications, streamline processes or solve other challenges.

The following links provide more information about current applications provided by WCL to integrate with enabledPlacting.

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