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An attractive, out-of the-box solution, WCL’s enabledAccounting makes it possible to do away with manual processes and quickly gain the benefits of electronic accounting processes.

It provides an interface to a range of solutions to business problems, some of which are generic to the needs of insurers and others specific to different participants’ needs.

enabledAccounting—easier electronic accounting and automation

Communications between carriers and brokers are often the barrier to accounting efficiency.

In an effort to deliver greater business benefit from electronic accounting, the Ruschlikon Initiative established an improved approach which offers greater efficiency, transparency and service.

WCL’s solutions make it easier for your organisation to adopt the eAccounting process, meeting Ruschlikon protocols without IT effort, with minimum disruption and scoring additional commercial benefits.

Rapid deployment provides benefits from day one

enabledAccounting is available as a SaaS (hosted) application, and can be rapidly deployed, with minimal training needed.

An in-house deployment is also possible.

Faster premium and claim settlement, no unallocated cash

Using a familiar and intuitive interface, carriers and brokers create, send, receive, review, and respond to ACORD standard Technical Account (TA), Financial Account (FA) and Claim Movement (CM) messages.

Carriers can easily search and review messages by multiple criteria including date, broker, transaction type and processing status. They can also take action to accept or query transactions with the broker.

Through its intuitive interface and structured message formats, enabledAccounting ensures secure, rapid delivery and acceptance of transactions and settlements. The increased visibility of information enhances the audit trail, and improves control. It means an end to unallocated cash.

Automation is the logical next step

With its use of standardised information formats, enableAccounting makes the move to automated straight-through processing a reality.

Exchanging information through our award-winning enabledB2B Gateway and using web services including APIs, WCL can integrate with policy and accounting systems — reducing the need for manual intervention in eAccounting processes.

Beyond the scope of Ruschlikon, it improves on in-house processes and offers more control of associated tasks such as work distribution, query resolution and credit control.

Broker Solutions

enabledAccounting is the interface to a variety of applications that improve communications, streamline processes or solve challenges facing brokers.

The following links provide more information about current applications provided by WCL to integrate with enabledAccounting.

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